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First Page of ACFT workout plan. man with a weight vest pulling a sled towards him on turf in a gym

ACFT Ready in 6 Weeks

This workout plan is designed to take you through 4-6 days per week of training to get your body prepared for the new Army Combat Fitness Test.  With 4 days per week of focused strength training progressions specific to ACFT standards and 2 days per week of running designed specifically for the 2-mile run, you will be able to pass the new standards or hit your new max score!  

What You Get with the 6 Week ACFT Workout Plan

Targeted Strength Training

Demo Videos

2Mile Run Program

Reuseable and Buildable

Effective and safe progressions to improve your strength in the 3 Repetition Max Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand Release Push Ups, Sprint Drag Carry, and Plank components

Each exercise has a video link attached to it so there's no guesswork. These links are always available to you to make sure you are performing each exercise with proper technique

This running progression builds to a maximal running distance of 2.5 miles with varied-intensity running workouts. Simple, safe, and effective, this running progression is designed to maximize your 2 mile run score

The intensity of the running and weight selection for strength work is based on the RPE scale, or Rate of Perceived Exertion. This means that each exercise is individualized to you. As you get fitter and stronger this program can be used again and again.

Created and Tested by Doctor's of Physical Therapy 

Doing well on your next ACFT requires a safe and specific plan. This is designed to give you just that; We've made the program, and now the hard work is up to you!  We are Doctors of Physical Therapy who work with military athletes of all levels and all branches.  This program came about to solve a problem for the service members we treat on a daily basis.  From overuse injuries to flare-ups of previous injuries, many are training in a way that leads to poor results or inability to test at all due to pain.  All you need is a barbell, weight plates, kettlebell, dumbells and a heavy power band. We hope this program provides you with the guidance and accountability you need to score well on the new ACFT.  

Dr. Nick Schumacher
Running Specialist

Dr. Nick Schumacher headshot posing in front of weightlifting area

Nick currently works with active duty military and their families with a specialty in running related injuries and return to running fitness coaching. Nick also runs a weekly running group and has created additional running education programs.  Nick designed the running protocol of this program using his clinical knowledge and personal running training. He continues his passions with training for local running competitions. 

Dr. Christopher Parrott
Strength Specialist

Dr. Chris Parrott headshot black background

Chris currently works with active duty military and their families with a specialty in strength and barbell movements. Chris created the strength and conditioning portion of this program utilizing his experience with his patients and personal training background. He currently works on his own barbell strength at his local Crossfit gym. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Exercise Samples:
Double Dumbell High Pull

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